Youdao at home for comfortable life inventory sitting room decoration error

Sitting room is decorated is always one of the most concerned with the net friend to decorate area, all kinds of tall or ground decorate strategy editor would say today, in order to avoid the attaches great importance to everyone because of the sitting room appears some unnecessary misunderstanding, edit today from the comfort of home life after decorating to inventory the sitting room decorate a dozen of the most common pitfalls, have a look at your scam!!!!

Hard outfit article

The wire tube left no drawings

Youdao at home for comfortable life inventory sitting room decoration error

Many a finished thought decoration with drawing no dice to throw away, but what the drawings can be not only cabling laying plan is must be preserved, decorating is a process of constantly improve, hard to avoid going to decorate afresh, we will have the power cord and the water pipe figure in decorating, construction on to avoid hurt the most shouldn’t move shouldn’t hurt part,

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porch decorates complex


porch is connected with door and sitting room or dining-room and sitting room, because this a lot of user attaches great importance to the decoration of porch and beautiful, design too complex instead, not convenient actually life still rob sitting room limelight. porch is decorated had better go contracted style, too complex go against daily cleanness, the influence that accumulates day and night is beautiful not practical again.

The quality of floor tile is not up to standard

Floor tile such building material is expensive cheap have, the difference space is very big, a lot of people feel the thing that spreads so a shop in the ground anyway also need not spend so much money, this is a mistake. Buy floor tile to choose the more stable above middle grade, in order to ensure wearability and skid resistance, so as to avoid a short time to replace or produce the risk of falling down accident and trouble.

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No reserved plug for use

Youdao at home for comfortable life inventory sitting room decoration error

When installing a plug, for the sake of beauty and saving space, most people will not install more power, but can save, it is very inconvenient not to reserve the plug for use. Nowadays, there are more and more electronic and digital products in the home. It is very troublesome to install new appliances when there are new ones